10/03/2011 21:32 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Strop Of The Week: The 5 Stages Of The Strop

Strop Scene:
Cycling through the village centre. Pleasant day. Only random roaming dog and a few chickens to be seen.

Strop Cause:

Stropper has just realized how much fun one can have free-wheeling down a steep hill. Lots of whoo-hoo noises, a few well recovered wobbles and a Stropper disappearing off into the sunset....straight across the adjoining road. Without stopping.

Tried to be a good parent. Told Stropper how very cool it was to cycle like a loon at the speed of light but if Stropper cycled over the road again without checking for traffic first, the bike would be confiscated. As I was considering whether this may have been a bit harsh....

Strop Symptoms:
Denial: "No I did look, just really quickly"
Anger: "That was so fun and now it's all spoiled" (bit of foot stamping action here)
Bargaining: "If I can do it again I promise I'll look next time" (big eyes!)
Depression: No words. Hanging head. (bottom lip out a good 5cm)
Acceptance: "Okay, you are right mummy." (this came after a tractor drove past us at speed putting the proverbial wing up the Stropper)

Dismay Factor Percentage:

Well the dog saw the whole thing and I'm pretty sure he disapproved: 20%