16/03/2011 08:25 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Kym Marsh Says 'No More Babies'

Kym Marsh Coronation Street star Kym Marsh, who is 31 weeks pregnant with a baby girl, has said this will be her last pregnancy.

Tragically, Kym, 34, and her partner Jamie lost a baby in February 2009. The little boy, who they named Archie, was born 18 weeks premature and died shortly after his birth.

Speaking to New! magazine Kym said: 'No pregnancy is ever certain. The only time it's certain is when your baby is in your arms.'

She said the recent and tragic experiences of Amanda Holden and Lily Allen brought memories of Archie's death flooding back: 'My experience is never far from my mind and I always think about Archie.Obviously, when things happen, you empathise.'

Kym, who already has a son and daughter from a previous relationship, says she will not be having any more babies after this pregnancy, saying: 'I couldn't go through this again, it would be too traumatic.'

The pregnancy has not been without complications - Kym took early maternity leave from Coronation Street before Christmas and had a stitch put in her cervix to help her bear the baby's weight. She has also been on bed-rest.

The couple say they have chosen their new daughter's name but will not be revealing it until she is born.

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