18/03/2011 08:33 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

TVs In Bedrooms: One In Five 4-Year-Olds Watch In Their Rooms!

TVs children's bedrooms Research analysts have found that one in five children aged four and under have TVs in their bedrooms.

Seventeen per cent of parents polled by Mintel said they have put televisions in their pre-schoolers' bedrooms.

The researchers also found that younger mums and dads are more likely to allow a TV in their children's room.

There was also a class divide, with the study revealing that generally, mums and dads from poorer backgrounds with few educational qualifications were more likely to put a television set in their baby or toddler's nursery, compared with one in 10 families from wealthier homes.

Single parents were also more inclined to allow their infants a TV, with 25% of lone parents providing a television for their child's bedroom.

What do you think?
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