22/03/2011 23:57 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Parents To Rate Schools On Ofsted Website

Ofsted Parents are to have the opportunity rate their kids' schools on the Ofsted website under a shake-up of the school inspection system in England.

Christine Gilbert, England's Chief Inspector of Schools, said extra inspections would be carried out in schools where concerns were raised

But the Nasuwt teaching union said such a scheme would trivialise public accountability and the work of schools.

Ms Gilbert said: 'From September we will be introducing a website where parents can tell us what they think about their school. If they're telling us things that really worry us, even if our assessments are fine, we will go in and inspect.'

The ratings system would be linked to individual school pages on the organisation's website, and would consist of 10 questions relating to the teaching quality, achievement, behaviour and school leadership. Mums and dads would be able to remain anonymous, but they would have to provide an e-mail address.

Chris Keates Nasuwt general secretary slated the plans, saying it would lead to abuse and manipulation:

'To hold schools to account on the basis of chatroom and internet gossip trivialises public accountability and the work of schools. Such a system would be open to abuse and manipulation and would therefore be an inappropriate and unreliable mechanism for triggering something as serious as inspection. The danger is that the inclusion of this suggestion in the consultation will detract from the serious debate needed about the fitness for purpose of the current inspection regime.'

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