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Patsy Palmer: I Would Love To Have More Babies

Much to our excitement, we were were invited by Thorntons (the yummy chocolate folk) to have afternoon tea with Patsy Palmer at the rather swanky Park Lane hotel in London, as an early Mother's Day treat.

In between stuffing our faces with cucumber sandwiches and Thornton's caramel cups, we gave Patsy a bit of a grilling on all things parenting...

Patsy, 38, had her fourth baby, Bertie, in December. She has three other children, Charley, 19, from her relationship with boxer Alfie Rothwell, and Fenton, 10, and Emilia, nine, with her cab driver husband, Richard Merkell. The family live in Brighton.

How are you finding being a new mum again?

It's lovely, I'm absolutely loving it!

Is Bertie a good baby – is he giving you many sleepless nights?

He's not bad, but I really do enjoy it because it just goes like that... all too quickly. Before you know it, they are six foot tall!

So how is motherhood fourth time round? Is it any different from when you had your first baby?

Being that bit older means I have more time to focus on him. I was 19 when I had my first son, Charley, far too young – I didn't know my a*se from my elbow and that's the truth! But I have a really lovely family, I am really lucky.

What are your thoughts now on having a baby so young?

I would not advise anyone to be a young mum, but it does work for some people. But I would not advise it. I would say the best age is 25 or 26 when physically your body is still fit enough, and mentally you are starting to grow up a little bit. I do think 18-year-old girls are too young, but it works for some people, and for some girls its a blessing and it comes when they need something nurturing in their lives. But there are so many opportunities now, and there's plenty of time to have babies.

What sort of parent are you?

I don't know. There is no right 'way', is there? Kids just want to be loved, don't they? There's so much pressure these days on how to be a good parent, but people need to find their own way with their families.

How does your daughter like having three brothers?

She loves being the only girl, but I try not to over indulge any of them. I think she would have liked a sister but she is a little mummy with Bertie – it's just such a natural thing. She treats him like a little doll!

Would you like your children to follow you into a career in showbiz?

Charley is 19 and is at the Brit School and doing really well. He doing performing arts and wants to be an actor. It's a great school, but I don't know what he will do after. I don't mind as long as he wants to be actor and not just famous. Lot of kids now just say 'I want to be famous' and they don't understand what they are talking about. I just want them to be happy though and do what they want to do – as long as they're not in danger.

So what are you most afraid of for your kids?

What am I most afraid of? Everything! You think back to the stuff your own mum told you, and if only you'd taken just a third of the advice...they were probably right about everything!

And the all important question - will there be baby number five?!

Only God knows that! Never say never though. I love it! I would keep going, but don't know if my body could!

Patsy is the celebratory ambassador for Thornton's Mother's Day range of chocolate gifts.

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