23/03/2011 12:30 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Four-Year-Old Girl Threatened With Arrest For Picking Daffodils

daffodils A little girl of four was threatened with arrest after being caught picking daffodils in her local park.

Sienna, her stepsister Olivia, six, and sister India, 10, were enjoying a day at Whitecliffe Park in Dorset with their parents Marc Marengo and Jane Errington when they were confronted by the police.

A local councillor had reported seeing the children picking the flowers.

The police took no action, but Ms Errington accused them of being heavy-handed, and claimed Sienna was now too scared to go back to the park.

She said: 'Surely the police have better ways to spend their time and taxpayers' money?'

Poole councillor Peter Adams, who reported the family to the police said: We are very proud of our parks and can't have people ripping up public property.

'The children weren't just taking one or two daffodils, it was big clumps of them.'

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