23/03/2011 07:56 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Mum Gives Birth At 2,000 Feet

Mum gives birth at 2000 ft A brave mum has delivered her baby at 2,000 feet in a tiny 16-seater aeroplane.

Amy White, 27, was flying from her home on Alderney to Guernsey when her son made his unexpected arrival.

Her two midwives, Mary and Deborah, arranged for a Trislander to fly her to Guernsey in a medivac after she experienced the early signs of labour at home, but her contractions became established mid-flight.

Mum-of-four Amy said: 'Halfway across, about six minutes into the flight I think, I just yelped, 'the baby's coming', and that was it. Mary at one end, Deborah at the other and he was there, he was born.'

Tiny Xavier weiged just 3lbs 8oz and was six weeks early.

The plane's pilot Trevor Nicholls told Channelonline: 'There was some bad weather earlier that day. It was clearing up but it was still instrument flying so I was fairly focused on the flying rather than the activities in the back. I did have the occasional tap on the shoulder from the nurses just asking me to pass some messages on, which I could do, and that's about the only way I could help them really, so I was focussed on the flying more than anything.'

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