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Robbie Williams Baby News: Star Is 'Terrified' Of Becoming A Dad

Robbie Williams Robbie Williams is reportedly 'terrified' of becoming a dad.

The on-off Take That star told a Dutch TV show that while his wife Ayda Field is desperate to have kids, he values his 'me time' too much...
Robbie, 37, said of his marriage and baby-making-plans:

'I thought that was part of the job. That's how it goes, isn't it? She desperately wants a child... I am terrified of that...I'm going to have to be [a good dad] and I will be because I will have to be. Yeah, I'm selfish. I enjoy doing what I want to do, whenever I want to do it. But on the [other hand], a baby comes into your life and you're forced to not have everything be about you, and that will be good for me.'

Speaking last year on the Paul O'Grady show, Robbie said that his wife had wanted kids as soon as they married, and mused that he should perhaps 'get on with it':

'She wants them straight away,' he told O'Grady, adding, 'I quite like not having them straight away. I should get at it really, shouldn't I?'

Robbie also claimed in the same interview that he would like to have a 'gay child':

'The Japanese are very clever these days, they come up with all sorts, so maybe they can sort out a gay baby for me and the missus.'

Robbie and band-mate Jason Orange are the only Take That members without children - Howard has daughters Grace and Lola, Mark Owen has a son and a daughter, Elwood and Willow, and Gary Barlow has a son and two daughters, Daniel, Emily and Daisy.

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