24/03/2011 11:19 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Achtung Baby Or Not Naming Names..

Achtung Baby or not naming names Note to self:

It would be inappropriate and unprofessional to use this blog as an outlet for my utter contempt for a certain budget airline, let's call it, say, Sleazy Bet. Readers are not interested in their ineptitude. It is of no concern to them that Sleazy Bet stuffed up the Nowak Family Christmas.

Then again, a contempt shared is a contempt halved.

Whilst there are numerous positive aspects to living abroad the disadvantages become very apparent around this time of year. Namely the juggling of family and friends from both countries and trying to keep everyone happy.

Further confused by the difference in Father Christmas delivery times (evening of 24th in Germany) and the constant challenges that throws the way of my limited imagination when explaining things to Finje. Why did she receive gifts in the UK before the 24th? Would the Big Man know we were returning to Germany? Can he understand both languages? The questions were relentless.

Having thought we had figured it all out this year, we found ourselves scuppered not once but twice by Sleazy Bet who seemed dead set on demolishing our plans.

The result of their incompetence meant an unplanned extension to our UK stay which, in itself was no great problem but had a knock on effect on our precision planning for Christmas in Germany.

On hearing that our return flight had also been cancelled, my disappointment was quelled a little by Finje. Her first thought, not one of disruption of Christmas present opening, but that Ripley the Merciless, our cat, would be sick with worry should we not return on the day we promised. The thought of potential feline demise reduced her to tears.

Not sharing her concern for the cat (note: Merciless), I endeavoured to work on my proposed New Year's Resolution to halt my progression into Grumpy Old Woman and take a stab at "glass half full". I saw the unexpected extra day we had to spend in the UK as more time for English indoctrination. In only a few days I had noticed a few more English words working their way into Finje's German vocabulary. Without some grasp of German you would still struggle to understand her but the mish-mash entertains my husband and me greatly.

So stuck in the UK, not knowing for how long, we built a Schnee-lady in the garden, enjoyed minty pies and helped to decorate the Christmas Baum not forgetting to put a ferry on the top!