24/03/2011 11:09 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Achtung Baby Or The Eagle Has Landed

I admit it. I'd been lulled into a false sense of security by the German weather. Last week I woke up and discovered to my shock and dismay a good five inches of snow. There was me, heady with Spring fever having just packed away my fur-lined bra and Finje's moon boots only to witness the temperatures dropping yet again.

Having experienced the unpredictable German climate for almost a decade, I was frankly disappointed in myself and considered my optimism to be a beginner's mistake. In my defence however, I had been spurred on by the appearance of a single crocus in the garden and the one day when I had been able to venture outdoors sans thermal knickers.

Needless to say, my daughter was delighted by the return of the cold stuff. Although she had to accept there was not enough to make a snowman or an igloo, she was determined to take advantage as long as it lasted. Clad in re-retrieved snow boots she ventured out. Thankfully disappointingly she informed me, all Greta Garbo-esque that my presence was not required, she wanted to play alone.

Not one to shy away from exploiting a situation presented so blatantly, I used the unexpected free time prudently and logged onto Twitter for a bit of a gossip.

Before I'd even managed to bore some poor fellow twitterer with an inane comment about nothing, Finje's red nose appeared flattened against the window pane. She seemed to be attempting to communicate something of great importance judging by her animated body-language. I nodded acknowledgment of her presence, continued to type drivel and hoped she would entertain herself a little longer.

Finje was going nowhere. Knowing it is verboten to enter the house with snow covered boots, she was determined to communicate her message through the glass. After a while her exaggerated gesticulations began to get irritating. Seriously, what does a woman have to do these days to get some undisturbed Twitter-time?

In yet another example of unparalleled parenting, I trudged unwillingly to the door.

"WHAT?" (Parenting skills just get better and better!)

"There's an EAGLE in the garden!" Okay, now, she had my attention. She was so excited she was hopping about holding on to her bits, obviously about to pee.

Then she pointed down and began to giggle.

Oh yes, quite the comedian my girl. (See photo)

Note to self: Igel (German pronunciation Eagle) = Hedgehog (English)