24/03/2011 13:00 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Boring Lessons To Blame For Bad Behaviour In Class

bad classroom behaviour Dull and boring lessons and poor teaching are to blame for bad behaviour in the classroom, according to the Commons Education Select Committee.

The cross-party group has said in a newly-published report that minor incidents of disruptive behaviour are now endemic in some schools. Examples included interrupting teachers, name calling, swearing and not paying attention.

The committee claimed teachers often 'brushed aside' such incidents to prevent the school from getting a bad name.

MPs said schools must make sure they are meeting the needs of all children by providing high-quality practical lessons as well academic subjects.

The committee's Conservative chairman Graham Stuart said: 'If the curriculum doesn't stimulate children, they will switch off, and the chances are that they will disrupt other children's learning.

'The onus is now on the Government to draw up a National Curriculum which engages all children and meets their aspirations: then let teachers decide how to apply it.'

The Coalition has already pledged to overhaul the current curriculum, with emphasis on improving results in subjects such as science and foreign languages.

What do you think?
Are uninspiring lessons and teachers solely to blame?
Or does bad behaviour at school stem from a child's home life?

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