24/03/2011 10:12 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Britney Spears: I Will Quit Showbiz To Be A Stay-At-Home Mum

Britney Spears Britney Spears has said it would be 'cool' to be a full-time mum, claiming she will give up her career if the world of showbiz gets too much for her and her family to handle.

Britney - who is mum to Sean Preston, five, and Jayden James, four - said she would miss her fans and 'all the love' if she turned her back on her celebrity lifestyle, but would be relieved not to be papped everywhere she went.

The pop princess has previously had her children taken away from her after a series of personal meltdowns. In 2008, she lost custody of the boys to her ex-husband Kevin Federline, and was admitted to a psychiatric ward after a stand-off with the police. Since then, the children have been returned to her, but she has remained under the guardianship of her father Jamie Spears.

In 2009, sources close to Britney told journalists she was planning another baby, this time with her then boyfriend Jason Trawick.

Since her breakdown, she has since turned her life around, swapping her nights out for time at home with her children, and has spoken about enjoying motherhood and domesticity:

'I love to cook, especially for my boys. I also make a mean southern sweet tea from a recipe my mum passed on to me. It's really good. I love it. I make it for my boys all the time.'

She says she has wound down her career in the past few years in order to spend more time with Sean and Jayden:

'I think it's easier to let people in when you're younger, but when I became a mother I wanted more privacy for myself and my children.'

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