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Danielle Lloyd's Fiancé Jamie O'Hara Talks Parenting

Danielle Lloyd, Jamie O'Hara, Archie Jamie O'Hara - currently on loan to Wolverhampton Wanderers from Tottenham Hotspur - was one of the celeb parents hanging out at Mamas and Papas Regent's Street store last night, celebrating the brand's 30th birthday.

As girlfriend Danielle Lloyd, 27, was otherwise engaged with a chocolate cupcake and conversation with fellow wag Lizzie Cundy, we snuck in for a quick chat.

'I'm definitely a hands-on dad,' Jamie, 24, said, as he rocked the uber-cute eight-month-old Archie in his arms.

Archie, it has to be said, was the model baby throughout our interview - happily gazing around, eyes wide, and with beaming smiles for everyone, and Jamie certainly looked very relaxed, looking after him.

'I love everything about being a dad,' Jamie continued, 'But the best bit has to be waking up and hearing him laugh in the morning. That's just amazing'.

So does that mean that baby Archie is still sleeping in with his mum and dad?

'No!' Jamie laughed, 'Definitely not, he was in his own room after two weeks!'

Having told me the best bit about parenting, I was curious to know if there was anything Jamie struggled with - or perhaps passed over to Danielle:

'Nappies,' he said with a grimace, 'No one warns you just how bad they are. Especially that first one...'

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