24/03/2011 10:53 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Dannii Minogue Baby News: 'I'm Clucky!'

right X Factor judge Dannii Minogue has revealed she is 'clucky' for more babies.

Dannii, who gave birth to baby son Ethan seven months ago, hinted to Sydney Confidential that she and partner Kris Smith, 32, are keen to add to their family.

Dannii said she 'loved' being pregnant and enjoyed having a baby bump.

'I love the belly - I want to be like that always,' she told reporters at the launch of her new Australian TV series Dannii Minogue: Style Queen on Australian TV.

'Fessing up to be being broody and wanting more babies, she said:

'I'm actually clucky right now. If I could freeze frame one point in time it would be being five to six months pregnant.'

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Did you find yourself more broody than ever once you'd HAD your baby?
Should Dannii try for more children sooner rather than later, or just enjoy her seven-month-old?

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