24/03/2011 17:01 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Dead Newborn Found In Box Of Donated Clothing

Shocked charity clothing sorters have found the body of a baby girl inside a box of donated clothes at a warehouse in Texas.

Police investigators are still unsure as to how the baby died, after an autopsy failed to determine whether she was stillborn, or died after birth.

Horrified workers found the baby as they sorted through clothes shipped from metropolitan Phoenix. The newborn's umbilical cord was still attached, and she was wrapped in a towel and placed in box which had been left at one of almost 400 donation points at retail store car parks across Phoenix between December 8 and last Sunday.

Detectives are trying to narrow down where the child was left to a smaller number of donation boxes.

Police investigator, Sergeant Martos told reporters: 'But even if we narrow it down to a hundred, it's still a challenge for us to determine which of the hundred.'

They were also hoping to find clues from the box itself, but Sgt Martos added they were unlikely to solve the case without a tip from the public.