24/03/2011 15:05 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

EastEnders Cot Death: Funeral Scenes Cut After Public Backlash

EastEnders cot death EastEnders' bosses have cut harrowing scenes from forthcoming episodes after a public backlash.

The controversial cot death and baby swap storyline - which saw character Ronnie Branning switch her dead baby for Kat Moon's newborn son - has attracted a barrage of complaints and criticism.

This week's episodes will have 'fillers' where the scrapped scenes would have been. It is thought that parts of baby Tommy's funeral - including shocking footage of Kat Moon clutching what she believes is her dead baby's coffin - have been pulled.

A scene where Ronnie Branning, played by actress Samantha Womack, talks to her dead baby at his graveside is also believed to have been axed.

The plot has resulted in over 13,000 complaints from viewers. Former cast member Natalie Cassidy also critisied the lack of 'realism' in the storyline.

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