24/03/2011 16:00 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

EastEnders' Cot Death Story Line: Sam Womack Quits

Sam Womack EastEnders' actress Samantha Womack has reportedly quit the soap after its controversial cot death storyline.

Womack is alleged to have said 'I'm a mother first and an actress second' after being horrified at the shocking scenes in which her character - Ronnie Branning - swapped her dead baby James for Kat Moon's newborn son, Tommy.

The storyline has attracted much criticism from viewers, with the BBC receiving a reported 3,500 complaints.

Samantha, 38, has two children, Benjamin and Lily-Rose, and is married to actor Mark Womack. She is said to have given bosses a letter of resignation in November after seeing the shocking scripts for the New Years' Eve episode.

A cast colleague claims show bosses tried to persuade her on stay on with offers of more money.

Samantha will leave the show in May.

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