24/03/2011 14:22 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Egyptian Names Daughter 'Facebook'

facebook We've heard of some pretty unusual names but one Egyptian father wins the prize - for choosing the name 'Facebook' for his newborn daughter.

Jamal Ibrahim chose the name to honour the social media site's role in Egypt's revolution.

According to the website TechCrunch, there are five million Facebook users in Egypt, more so than any other country in the Middle East/North Africa region. Facebook itself has reported an increase in Egyptian users in the past month, with 32,000 Facebook groups and 14,000 pages created in the two weeks after January 25th.

The site added: "While the baby girl could just have easily been called "YouTube," "Twitter" "Google" or even "Cellphone Camera," it seems like Facebook has become the umbrella symbol for how social media can spread the message of freedom.

"Facebook was used to organize the initial January 25 protest in Tahrir Square. Since then, Egyptians taking part in the uprising used Twitter, YouTube and a host of other sites, in addition to Facebook, to communicate and coordinate."

So who's going to call their baby Parentdish?

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