24/03/2011 13:08 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Elton John: I Want Zachary To Have An Old-Fashioned Childhood

John Elton Sir Elton John has said he wants his newborn son Zachary to have a normal, old-fashioned childhood.

Baby Zachary was born on Christmas Day to a surrogate mother in California, and is Elton and partner David Furnish's first child.

Elton, 63, has said he now 'values' his own childhood and wants the same sort of normality for Zachary.

He said: 'I so value my own childhood now, and the sense of wonder and personal discovery that I enjoyed, that we want to give Zachary – as much as we possibly can – the same thing. A solid old-fashioned childhood, if you like. I know it'll be hard with my life, but we want him to have that same normality and for things in life to have real value. So we don't intend to spoil him – we're going to try to give him a fun, carefree time of innocence, freedom, love and stability.'

Hmmm, we can't help but wonder if a man who once spent £293,000 on flowers in a 20-month period is really equipped to teach his son the value of things?

What do you think?
Is Elton kidding himself?
Do you think Zachary can ever have a 'normal' upbringing?

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