24/03/2011 15:03 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Heavily Pregnant Woman Stamped On By Thugs

pregnant woman A heavily pregnant woman has been stamped on by thugs during a street robbery in Liverpool.

The woman - who is 18 and has been named only as 'Sophie' - is 33 weeks pregnant. She and her former partner were set upon in an alleyway near the Switch Island retail park in Liverpool by two men. Her mobile phone was stolen in the attack.

The woman told reporters the attackers jumped on the couple and forced them to the ground:
'I was on my side. I couldn't see what they were doing to him because I put my hands over my face trying to protect myself and the baby.

'Then they dragged me across the floor and I started screaming and saying "I'm pregnant" but you couldn't miss it because I had a big bump.

'They stamped on the left side of my stomach. I don't know whether it was because I said I was pregnant but it was after I said I was pregnant that he stamped on me again.'

The terrified mum-to-be said she was 'petrified' her baby would not survive the attack.

After being rushed to hospital, doctors gave mother and child the all-clear, whilst Sophie's ex-partner was treated for bruised ribs and face and a black eye.

The police are appealing for witnesses.

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