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Jennifer Lopez Baby News: I Want Thousands More!

Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez has told chat show host Ellen DeGeneres that she wants to get pregnant 'a thousand more times'.

The 41-year-old singer and actress, who has twins Max and Emme with her husband Marc Anthony, said she is keen to have more babies and would be 'extremely happy' if she fell pregnant.
She told Ellen: 'As soon as I had the babies, I thought to myself, 'I want to do this a thousand more times. I love this. This is life.

'Now that it's like three years in, I'm like, 'Can I do that again?' It's funny. But yes, if I got pregnant, I would be extremely happy.'

Jennifer introduced her twins to the world in March 11, 2008 in a $66 million deal with People magazine. The children recently made their professional debut in a Gucci ad with their mum. Jennifer said of the job: 'It's the first time I have worked with my kids in that way. It was a totally special experience.

'I did a photo shoot when they were three weeks old, but now that they are two and a half, it's totally different.'

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