24/03/2011 08:54 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Kids Banned From Playing With Traditional 'Hard' Footballs

kids banned from playing football Kids at a school near Liverpool have been BANNED from playing with traditional footballs in the playground after teachers branded them dangerous.

Pupils at Malvern Primary school in Huyton have been told they can only bring sponge or foam balls into school after a child was 'nearly' hurt by a hard ball.
In a letter to parents, the school said: 'Please can we request that only sponge balls are brought into school.

This is to ensure the safety of all our pupils when on the playground.'

However, the school later said the ban was nothing new, and the letter was merely a reminder. In a statement, a spokesperson said:

'Malvern Primary School treats the health and safety of its pupils as a top priority and has for a long time had a policy of protecting children by recommending sponge balls in the playground before school starts and during breaks, especially as the playground accommodates children from the age of four to 11.'

What do you think of this story?
Sensible precautions, or 'elf and safety gone mad?

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