24/03/2011 17:03 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Lollipop Lady Banned By Health And Safety 'Because Her Pole Is Dangerous'

lollipop lady Judy Gaisford A lollipop lady has been forced to resign after being told the way she held her 6ft pole breaks health and safety rules.

Council chiefs told Judy Gaisford, 61, to turn it upside down when not in the road halting traffic.

But she refused, saying it was dangerous to 'swing a pole like a majorette' as there were children nearby.

'Surely swinging a 6ft pole around when there are children nearby is more of a health and safety issue?' she said, speaking in the Daily Mail.

Worcestershire County Council then threatened her with disciplinary action, so she quit.

Judy, who worked outside Hindlip Church of England First School, Worcs, said: 'I resigned because I disagree with the council policy.

'I think it is wrong and puts pedestrians at risk.'

Judy has not been replaced in the £7-an-hour job.

School headteacher Carolyn Tew said: 'The school is very upset at not having a crossing patrol warden.'

Worcestershire County Council said: 'When guidelines are not followed, this leads to confusion, with drivers slowing while the patrol is not operating, braking suddenly or driving straight through, putting pedestrians at risk.'

Last month Essex County Council banned lollipop man Ron Warrick from stepping into the road in the road in case he did not have time to return to the pavement before the lights changed.

And in October last year lollipop man John Hunter, 69, quit his job after Edinburgh City Council banned him from giving our sweets and high-fives to pupils.

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