24/03/2011 06:11 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Michael Gove Plans 10-Hour School Days And Saturday Lessons

Michael Gove Education Minister Michael Gove wants children to have 10 hour school days and lessons on a Saturday, in a bid to improve standards of education and enable children to study a broader curriculum.

Terms would also increase by two weeks under the proposals, meaning the academic year would run to 40 weeks, giving children an extra year's worth of education over a five-year period.

Mr Gove faced criticism from the teachers' unions who said staff already have a huge workload, and that children needed time to rest. However, the Education Secretary insisted the plans would be encouraged rather than compulsory, adding: 'I personally believe that people should be learning for longer.

'Lots of schools have found having an extended school day – sometimes weekend education, or longer terms – helps.'

'The opportunity is now there for schools to offer students more,' he said.

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