24/03/2011 14:41 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Parents Let Children Become 'Adults' At 14 With Pubs And Nightclubs At 16

parents let children become adults A survey of mums and dads has found that many parents let their young teenage children enjoy adult pursuits from the age of 14, with pubs and nightclub visits becoming the norm at 16.

The researchers revealed that children of just 14 are allowed to wear high heels, use social networking sites and go on holiday with their friends, whilst 16 year-olds go to pubs and nighclubs with their parents blessing - despite being under age.

The poll found that 13-year-olds are generally allowed to wear make-up, start a relationship, own a mobile and have a computer in their bedroom.

Two thousand mums were polled for the report. A spokesman admitted that 'growing up too fast' was most parents concern - despite the findings suggesting mums and dads go along with it: 'Having the children grow up too fast is of major concern for most parents. We can't bear the idea of our little ones, who are reliant on us for so long, growing up and becoming more independent. But kids grow up quickly and allowing them to make their own decisions from a relatively early age can help mould them as individuals.

'Whether or not kids adhere to their parental guidelines remains to be seen. Who knows what they do when they're not under the watchful glare of mum and dad.'

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At what age did you (or will you) let your teens go to pubs or on holiday with friends?

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