24/03/2011 15:06 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Rachel Stevens Can't Wait To 'Get Back Out Training' After Birth

Rachel Steven with baby Amelie Former S Club 7 star Rachel Stevens has told OK! magazine that she can't wait to 'get back out training' after the birth of her daughter Amelie eight weeks ago.

Rachel spoke of the overwhelming reality of motherhood, and how it has made her and her husband Alex Bourne feel like grown-ups:

'The whole experience is overwhelming and I can't believe we're Mummy and Daddy – proper grown-up stuff!'

Rachel, 32, gave birth to Amelie in November, but despite being keen to resume her fitness regime, says she does not have huge amounts of weight to lose:

'I exercised right up until the last week. I've put on weight but not masses. I was lucky.'

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