24/03/2011 09:22 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Rastamouse In Racism Row

Rastamouse Rastamouse, the BBC's latest all-singing-all-dancing TV show for tots has been accused of being 'racist'.

Outraged parents have posted their concerns about the programme - which features a singing Rasta character - on internet message boards.

One wrote on the Mumsnet forums that she was worried about her daughter 'saying words like rasta to another child...' and insulting them, whilst posters on other boards said simply 'I think it's racist'.

Reggae star Levi Roots, the man behind the Reggae Reggae Sauce brand, told The Mirror he had been approached to voice Rastamouse, but had declined, saying it was about 'integrity'. He added that he would not let his own children watch the show:

'I'd never portray a Rasta as a pig or a mouse as I don't think the values of being a Rasta are served by that. If it was a lion that would be very different, a lion is strong symbol in Rastafarianism.

'Personally, I do not support this representation of us. But we do need representation on TV and as this is the first it should be given a chance. People need to decide whether it is right or wrong for themselves. I have seven children and I would most certainly not want them to watch this show.'

What do you think about Rastamouse?
Are you a fan, or do you agree with Levi Roots?

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