24/03/2011 06:09 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Schoolboy Spots Mistake In Advert For Teachers

maths A sharp-eyed schoolboy has spotted a mathematical mistake in an advert aired to recruit TEACHERS.

Maths-whizz Chris Coombs studied the algebra question on the 30-second TV clip and worked out the answer - which differed from the result the teacher came up with in the commercial.

Chris, 15, from Bristol, Avon, wrote to his local paper, the Evening Post, pointing out the errors, saying: 'I was disappointed to notice that the mathematical calculation ... is inaccurate.

'The workings the teacher is writing on the interactive whiteboard would not answer the question correctly. I believe this should be amended as the advertisement in question is attempting to recruit potential teachers.'

'Is this a fair reflection of teaching standards in Britain today?'.

Chris told reporters that maths is his favourite subject, and he wants a career where he can use his numeracy - but not as a teacher.

The ad's producers claim the mistake was 'deliberate'.

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