24/03/2011 11:54 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Strop Of The Week: The One That Wasn't

Strop of the week Strop Scene:

Kindergarten. Lots of mummies. Yes, some are yummy and I find myself chatting to one.

Strop Cause:

Now I should point out that The Stropper appears to have had a change in tactic recently. There seems to be a reduction in the all out strop and an increase in the all out sulk (whilst I strive to keep the sex of The Stropper a secret this may give you a hint as to It's gender).

On this occasion It wrong-footed me. Deep in conversation with the aforementioned Yummy Mummy, feeling rather unpolished in my muddy wellies, I began to regret telling The Stropper in advance that we would be going swimming that afternoon. It couldn't shut up. Pulling on my very non-designer jeans It kept repeating the same sentence over and over:

"We're going swimming, we're going swimming, we're....."

You get the picture.

Demonstrating, yet again, superb parenting skills I snapped.

"Say that to me one more time and swimming is OFF!"

Strop Symptoms:

Well I waited for them. Held my breath and waited. Instead, The Stropper threw me a rather impressive glance of disgust, turned pointedly away from me and to the Yummy Mummy and said,

"We're going swimming"

Dismay Factor Percentage:

Pleased to have avoided a strop or indeed a sulk. Slightly dismayed at my lack of control in front of Yummy Mummies and professional educators of small people.

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