24/03/2011 10:50 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Widow Remarries After Children Choose Step-Father From Online 'Daddy Shop'

A widow has remarried after her two children chose her future husband from a dating website.

Charlotte Morgan had given up on meeting another man after her husband Richard "Fred" Bassett, was killed in a light plane mid-air collision over Essex when their children were young.

But they insisted it was time to find another dad.
More than a decade after her first husband's death, Ms Morgan, the owner of a photographic agency, has found love with Guy Bolam, a divorced father-of-one from North London.

Her two children, Zoe, then 11, and Will, nine, chose him from thousands of other potential suitors online, The Times has reported.

The family, including Mr Bolam's daughter, Rose, 16, are now living under the one roof in a farmhouse near Ongar, Essex.

'I'd been on about five dates without the assistance of the children the year before, but there was just no spark so I gave up,'said Ms Morgan, a former Burberry model.

'Then Will said to me one day, 'we need a new daddy. What are you going to do about it?' He was 15 months old when his father died, so he had never known what it was to have a dad.'

So she joined another dating site, handed over her laptop and told her children: 'This is a daddy shop. Pick one.'

They decided on Mr Bolam because he was pictured on a motorbike and, according to Zoe, 'it just seemed to fit with mummy'.

'Guy was the kids' first and only choice and it turned out I was his first ever online date.'

Ms Mogan, who has retained her maiden name, added: 'When they are involved in choosing their own stepfather, they certainly can't moan about him.'