28/03/2011 05:07 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Children Of Working Mums Three Times More Likely To Be Ill

Children of working mums three times more likely to be ill Another guilt survey for working mums, which we'd advise you to take with a pinch of salt. Apparently the children of working mothers are up to three times more likely to be ill.

The study of the health of 90,000 schoolchildren found that those whose mothers worked were more likely to have been diagnosed with asthma and to have suffered broken bones and poisonings. They were also three times more likely to have had one overnight stay in hospital.

The US researchers said that while having a working mother may benefit children in other ways (healthier family finances, good role model...) more needed to be done to help modern women juggle the demands of home and office.

For the study, researcher Melinda Sandler Morrill analysed 20 years of surveys in which parents were asked about their circumstances and their children's health.

Dr Morrill, of North Carolina State University, said it was possible working mothers felt guilty at leaving their children during the day and were more likely to seek medical help for relatively trivial problems.

In the Journal of Health Economics she said: 'We need to provide more support for mothers who work and provide more sympathy for their situation.' Too right.

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