28/03/2011 11:26 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

The Newborn Diaries: Baby Learns To Roll

The Newborn Diaries: Baby learns to roll
Baby did something unexpected the other day. And mummy is still trying to compose herself after the experience.

I left Diana on her play gym, on her back, and went to make myself a cup of coffee. I don't like leaving her at all but I have gotten past the crazy/borderline-psychosis point of trying to take her into the bathroom with me (like I wanted to in the early days) and have now accepted that if I want to resemble a human at all, I need to occasionally let the kid be.

So I dump her on a flat surface with a toy, close the door for a minute (don't want Bolshy bounding in!) and frantically take my two-minute shower/tear open a packet of ravioli/throw in a load of laundry, before running back to check that she's ok.

Baby D is content to kick away while lying on her back, but I have a tendency to be overly paranoid, so the episode usually ends with me huffing and puffing from running up the stairs, while Diana is calmly playing where I've left her.

Until this particular day. When I came back, coffee in hand, Diana was on her belly. She had rolled herself upright, all on her own!

This might not sound like a big deal, but trust me, it's huge. I'm sure it's a significant developmental step (that, as her overly enthusiastic mother, I am far too impressed by), but that's not the only reason this has so vastly impacted my life. Baby D's been on a suicide mission ever since.

Not only is Diana now an expert back-to-belly flipper, but this newfound mobility has unleashed a somewhat rebellious streak. Seats of any kind are no longer acceptable to baby D. So she has attempted to - while secured in, I might add - hurl herself from her pram, changing table, car seat and vibrating chair (she almost succeeded with that one, despite being strapped in, so the item is now banned). In fact, the floor still feels like the safest place for her, but who knows what perils are in store?

I don't even understand how she's already mastered the roll, because literally two days beforehand, she was completely incapable of moving herself into that position. Now she is unstoppable, rolling like a pro the moment I put her down (Which makes me wonder: how is it that I am more inept than my newborn? I can't master skills after years of trying while she seemingly perfects them in a matter of days).

I am terrified to look away for a second because I have no idea what she's capable of as each day goes by. Let's be honest, neither does she. Gone are the days of me watching my baby lie there for hours; we are both in uncharted territory now. One of us is having a great time exploring and discovering new tricks... and the other is freaking out.