29/03/2011 07:39 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Woman 'Deafened' By Screaming Tot On Aeroplane - And Sues Airline

An airline passenger claims she has been left with permanent hearing damage after sitting near a screaming child on a plane.

American tourist Jean Barnard was on an internal Qantas flight last year when a three-year-old boy screamed in her ear. She claims she has been left partially deaf after the experience and is suing the airline for damages.

In her lawsuit, the 67-year-old said the toddler's scream was so loud her ears began to bleed. She was helped off the plane and taken to hospital for treatment and was forced to cut short her holiday.

Mrs Barnard said she had been left with permanent hearing damage and sued the airline for physical and mental suffering, medical expenses and loss of income due to the fact that she had been unable to continue to work as a business consultant, she said.

Mrs Barnard said she had taken her seat on the internal flight when the boy allegedly leaned back over his armrest towards her and let out a scream so severe that blood erupted from her ears, leaving her "stone cold deaf".

No other passengers were injured.

What do you think? Have you endured nightmare flights with screaming children?