30/03/2011 06:58 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Kym Marsh Fake Baby Picture Fury

Kym Marsh Kym Marsh - who gave birth to baby Polly five weeks early last Wednesday - has tweeted her outrage that a 'fake' photo of her new daughter has been posted on Facebook.
But worse still, someone claimed to be Kym's elder daughter Emily to put up the pic!

Outraged Kym wrote on Twitter:

'Guys just to let you know that is a fake picture...and jamie and I are very upset that someone pretending to be my daughter.'

Her sickened partner, Jamie Lomas, re-tweeted her message, adding: 'It's sick! No pics have been released yet. X.'

After a problematic pregnancy, Kym delivered little Polly at the Manchester Royal Infirmary last week - both mum and baby are said to be doing fine, despite Polly's early arrival. The star had taken early maternity leave from Coronation Street before Christmas and had a stitch put in her cervix to help her bear the baby's weight. She has also been on bed-rest.

Kym has two older children - Emily, 13, and David, 15, from a previous relationship. She and Jamie tragically lost a little boy, Archie, shortly after his premature birth in 2009.

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