30/03/2011 06:52 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Miracle Baby For 'Infertile' Mum - Born EIGHT Days After Discovering She Was Pregnant!

Baby for infertile mum A woman who was told she was infertile has given birth to a baby girl just EIGHT DAYS after learning she was pregnant!

Shocked Rebecca Raynor, 26, went to see her doctor after experiencing backache and mood swings, something she had put down to her already-diagnosed polycystic ovaries.

But medics informed her she was actually pregnant and sent her for a scan, which revealed she was just DAYS away from giving birth!

Little Sophie-Mae was delivered by Caesarean section on March 8. She has a hole in the heart, one kidney and a cleft lip and palate, but has now been allowed home.

Her proud mum told the Daily Mail:

'It's been a complete roller-coaster ride. She's our little miracle who had been tucked away for all that time. We had given up all hope of having babies and had put it to the back of our minds. We went from thinking we'd never have a baby to me giving birth in little over a week.'

Overjoyed dad Martin, 36, added: 'We had been trying for a baby for five years but last year gave up completely on the idea. We went on holiday to Spain and it must have been around that time that Rebecca got pregnant. It's amazing because we had no idea she was pregnant until days before Sophie-Mae was born.'

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