31/03/2011 19:08 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

SEVEN Receptionists Fall Pregnant After Sitting In Same Chair

Seven receptionists fall pregnant after sitting on the same chair SEVEN hotel receptionists have fallen pregnant after sitting in the same chair at work.

The women, who all work at the Best Western Moore Place Hotel in Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire, have become mums or mums-to-be over an 18 month period, and all sat on the front-desk chair!

Other members of staff are now said to be actively avoiding what they have dubbed 'the fertility chair'.

The mums, Elaine Ledster, Kim Gidley, Laura Burchill and Gina Ripley all gave birth to little boys after using the reception seat (which is blue!) and their workmates, receptionists Alyce Grisley, Claire Fitchett and Seran Daines are also all now pregnant.

The hotel's manager Giles Shaw told the Sun: 'The chair is just a typical office swivel chair, but we now have staff refusing to sit on it. We first started joking that if anyone wants a baby boy then they should come and take a seat on our fertility chair, but now it's just so surreal that its happening every time. Our hotel is well known in the area and now we will be known as the place to come for a baby boy.'

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