05/04/2011 08:44 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Danielle Lloyd Baby Scare: 'They Couldn't Find A Heartbeat'

Danielle Lloyd Pregnant Danielle Lloyd has spoken out about her fears for her unborn baby after doctors took almost half-an-hour to locate its heartbeat.

Danielle had been rushed to hospital last week after suffering extreme sickness, dizziness. and bleeding.

She was found to be dehydrated, and put on a drip and ordered to rest. After being allowed home, she was dramatically readmitted just days later after suffering stomach pains. She was put into isolation and her unborn baby was scanned amidst fears that she could be suffering from a virus that can lead to complications in pregnancy.

Danielle told New! magazine that nursing staff took 25 minutes to find the baby's heartbeat, leaving her a bundle of nerves:

'I was really, really worried for the baby. An internal examination was done at A&E, but I asked if they could give me a scan or listen to the baby's heartbeat.

'My mind was all over the place. It was really terrifying. In the end, they brought the machine round to listen to the baby's heartbeat and it was literally 25 minutes until they found it. I was panicking so much.

'I remember just looking at Jamie and trying not to cry. My baby means everything.'

Danielle was later allowed home but told to take things easy - she and partner Jamie O'Hara have since hired a nanny to care full-time for their eight-month-old baby Archie. The couple's new baby is due in August.

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