05/04/2011 08:19 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

How Do I Ask A Mum Not To Give My Child Sweets?

How to sk a mum not to give my child sweets Question: My child goes to a friend's house regularly. This friend's mum feeds them sweets and fizzy drinks. How can I tactfully ask her not to?

This is a tricky situation and I can understand that you're probably keen to not let anything you say offend or jeopardise your relationship with this mum.

Every family has their own approach to diets, discipline and so on, and I can appreciate that sweets and fizzy drinks are things that you'd prefer your child not to have. There may be no easy way round actually letting the mum know this, but perhaps you could soften it a little by allowing your daughter to take some healthy snacks to share the next time she goes to her friend's house.

If you feel that too much sugar and additives might have an effect on her behaviour, perhaps this is something you could gently bring up with the mum.

You can find out more about healthy eating on our Family Lives website.

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