05/04/2011 04:31 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

My Son Has Been Looking At Porn

son watches porn I've discovered my son has been looking at porn sites. I don't approve but I don't want to be too confrontational. How should I talk to him about this?

Although you don't mention the age of your son it's fair to say that with the wide access to internet via computers and phones, many pre-teens and teenagers have viewed porn. I can appreciate that it makes you feel uncomfortable and you feel at a loss as to how to raise this sensitive issue with him.

Curiosity can be a major factor in young people looking on porn websites, much like top shelf magazines might have been viewed a generation or so ago.

It could help to pick a calm time, when he's likely to be more receptive, and encourage him to tell you how he sees this issue. It's important to stress that real life relationships are formed on deep emotional feelings and that sex within this situation is not the sensationalised, sometimes violent kind he might have seen online.

There is lots more information about talking about porn with young people on our website which may be helpful for you. For more advice visit Family Lives.

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