06/04/2011 22:15 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

The Most Popular Baby Names Of The Year

Surprise, surprise - Jack was the most popular name for a baby boy born in 2009, it has been revealed.

It's been the most common name chosen for the last 15 years.

It's a great name for a boy, but I'm amazed so many people still choose it - do you really want your son to have the same name as six other kids in his class?

Olivia was the most popular name for a girl in 2009, keeping the top spot having taken over from Grace in 2008.

The highest climbers of the year were Lucas, which rose 24 places in the table to number 15, and Maisie, which soared 29 places to 41st.

Other girls' names increasing in popularity were Layla, Lexi, Lola, Madison, and Sienna, the name of actress Sienna Miller.

Boys' names to rise up the list included Joel, Oscar, Noah, Aiden, Logan, Archie and Sebastian. Oh dear. I wonder why?

The list was compiled from a national survey of 580,000 babies born in 2009 by Bounty.

Names for boys which dropped down the chart included Rhys, Ryan, Alex, Matthew and Kieran.

Girls' names which dipped in popularity included Caitlin, Rebecca, Keira, Eve, Abbie and Hannah.

Faye Mingo, spokeswoman for, told the Telegraph: "Parents continue to be influenced by popular culture and celebrity trends relating to films, sports personalities and TV stars.

"The rise in popularity of the name Lucas could well be attributed to the EastEnders' preacher turned murder character, played by Don Gilet."

Er, yeah. Because you really want to name your son after a murderous soap character?

The top ten lists for boys and girls stayed pretty much the same. Mingo reckons this could be down to the recession.

''In previous years there has been more movement in the top 10 boys and girls names," she told the Telegraph.

''The economic downturn could be affecting the mood of the nation and those parents, who would usually be more creative and inspirational about the names they choose for their children, are sticking to safer options.

"Common baby naming tips often warn against naming your baby something too trendy, unpronounceable or difficult to spell. But, in general whatever name moniker you give your child they always grow up to make it their own."

That must be more difficult for the Jacks of this world, though.

Did you call your son Jack? Does it bother you that it's such a common name?

Source: Daily Telegraph