09/04/2011 17:17 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Celebrity Parent Quotes

Parker loves being a mum

Sarah Jessica Parker loves being a mum, even if it means rolling out of bed in the morning to get her son, James Wilkie, 6, off to school. "'I don't delegate that job of getting my son dressed and out of the door in the morning to anyone else unless I have to because I'm working," Parker recently told the Daily Mail.

"It's not so much that I think I'm so incredibly interesting to be around," says Parker, "But I feel like I would lose out and be worse off if I didn't do it. I'm not saying my son wakes up in the morning and is inspired by me, it's just that I love being his mother."

I know how she feels. Just last week, my pediatrician mentioned that my 6-year-old might be ready for an alarm clock. An alarm clock? I thought. What would happen to our early morning cuddle time? If I could invent a mechanism that only allowed her to pick out one outfit a day, our morning routines would be sheer parenting bliss. I'm not letting an alarm clock stand in the way of that.

"Children are so cute and talkative when you get them out of bed, vulnerable blabbermouths, but when they get older they talk less," says Parker, "As the days fly past, it's only going to be a few more years that he likes me. Maybe he'll always love me, but he might not always want to be around me – he might not always like me. He's borderline embarrassed by me already, so..."

James Wilkie was born just a few months before my own six-year old, so I know exactly what Parker means. There's something about six that's so much bigger than five. Six is tangible evidence that babyhood is slipping through your fingers. It makes your want to hold on just a little tighter.

Not everyone loves the morning madness like Sarah Jessica Parker and I do. If yours makes you wish you had someone to delegate it to, here are a few tips to make mornings go a little easier, including:

  • Start with the sleepiest kid. If you've got more than one child to drag out of bed, start with the highest need child first to give them a head start on the morning.

  • Make breakfast a no-brainer. Whatever you choose to feed for breakfast, make it simple and make it non-negotiable. My kids get cereal or frozen waffles with fruit and/or yogurt on weekday mornings. There's nothing else on the menu.

  • The goes-without-saying rule: Get everything ready the night before. School outfits, lunches, backpacks ... take a half hour before bed to get it all ready and in a central location so that mornings aren't spent chasing down a lost mitten or, worse, your car keys.

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