09/04/2011 13:20 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Post-Baby Curves Sexy!

Whether it was the designers dictating style or giving women what they asked for, for far too long the popular look has been all but anorexic, with the "heroin chic" trend of the 90's being the most extreme example. Models and movie stars have been, in recent years, mere shadows of their hearty, healthy predecessors: Strong, sexy women like Betty Grable who were full-bodied and full of life.

However, it appears that all that is changing. Reality is hitting the fashion and entertainment world and the curves are coming out of hiding. The Times points to "curve-packing dresses" of Christina Hendricks, who plays Joan Holloway on the hit TV series "Mad Men," and model Daisy Lowe as examples of the new trend.

The Times notes that the "whippet-thin" body is stereotypical of "the high-maintenance woman with a husband in corporate finance" and in today's economy -- or what's left of it -- that doesn't seem quite so appealing.

So what does this mean for mums who don't moonlight as fashion models? It means you can stop worrying if you haven't lost all your pregnancy weight. The fact is, guys -- at least all the guys I know -- like a little shape in their women. Those outrageously thin models all look like they'd snap in half if you even look at them wrong. If you're a mum and you've got that glorious mum shape, enjoy it -- even flaunt it.

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