12/04/2011 17:28 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Celebrity Baby Zoom

Being a celebrity child cannot be easy! Paparazzi are following you on every step, your parents are dressing you up as if you were a doll... Life is tough! At the same time, there are some extras involved.. Like having an appartment-size playroom in New York!

Apparently, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes bought a New York apartment and turned it into a playroom for their daughter Suri. The Hollywood couple have reportedly been purchasing several apartments in the 12-storey building, and thought two-year-old Suri could benefit from a bigger area to keep her toys in. A source said: "Tom and Katie now keep five units in the building. They turned one into Suri's playroom. One they use for a gym, and two apartments are for staff. In the past couple of months they've bought up all these other apartments. They're all separate and on different floors."
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