12/04/2011 01:10 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

IVF Mix-Up Couple Expecting Twins Through Surrogate

IVF mix-up couple expecting twins through surrogate Do you remember the heartbreaking IVF mix up story that saw parents Carolyn and Sean Savage HAND BACK their baby soon after birth?

Now comes lovely news from Carolyn and Sean - a surrogate mum is 19 weeks pregnant with their TWINS!

The delighted couple - who already have three children, two conceived naturally, and one via IVF - told reporters: 'We are humbled again as one very special woman is giving this same gift of family to us. Jennifer, our carrier, is now part of our family.'

The family, who are from Toledo, Ohio, had attempted a surrogate pregnancy with Jennifer Onash last year, but she sadly miscarried.

The babies will be the couples' biological children, as 41-year-old Mrs Savage used her own eggs, which were then fertilized with Mr Savage's sperm before being implanted into Ms Onash.

The babies are due in August.

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Are you pleased for the family, or do you think with three children already, the IVF tragedy, and a failed surrogacy attempt, that in their forties, the couple should have given up trying for more babies?

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