13/04/2011 12:41 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Russell Brand Baby News: I Want To Become A Dad

Russell Brand and Katy Perry AP Photo/Dave Fisher

The word is that Russell Brand wants to start a family with wife Katy Perry very soon. Which in terms of photo opps is obviously great - can you imagine Mr B turning up at the school gate, wild eyed, hair disheveled and greeting fellow parents in his strange Dot Cotton-come-Julian Fellowes twang?

Or would fatherhood perhaps calm him down?

Speaking to OK! magazine, Russell recently said he couldn't wait to become a dad:

'I am very much looking forward to becoming a dad. Who knows when? Soon I hope. I really love children.' (Although when asked about this whilst talking to a journalist from The Metro yesterday, the star quipped: 'No way, I just had a vasectomy.')

Katy and Russell have already endured months of pregnancy rumours, and back in January, Katy quelled some of them by tweeting that she'd just begun her period, adding 'better luck next month'. Er, TMI?

Perhaps most disturbing though, given his not-all-that-shy-and-retiring behaviour and appearance, is Russell's recent assertion that kids 'liberate' him! What?

'When I'm among children is when I feel most liberated,' he said.

Most liberated? Oh dear, sounds like fatherhood won't be doing anything to calm him down after all.

What sort of dad do you think Russell would make? Indulgent and outrageous, perhaps of the Jonathan Ross mold? Or will having a baby turn him into pipe-and-slipper man?

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