15/04/2011 19:44 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Achtung Baby Or Career Choices Of A Five-Year-Old

During her first five years of life, Finje has worked through a varied and haphazard list of potential career paths. Always able to provide justifications for her decisions, they were often difficult to argue with:

A dog: It's good to have four legs and you can wee anywhere

A doctor: You can take the bandages home to play with

A medieval knight: (An ongoing desire...reasons a-plenty)

A red Indian: You get your own horse and can paint your face. Also, they have tassels on their shoes and can make fire with sticks

Toy shop person: Best job in the world (she could have a point)

A mama: Who allows her child Nutella and to have a horse (that list went on and on)

A skate-boarder: Recent addition See here

Maintaining her "new day, new job" policy, today that she was definitely going to be a fireman. But a girl one. Obviously. This announcement met less surprise than its predecessors.

Finje continues to tot up new experiences daily on our holiday Down Under. Just recently, we spent a few days on an island just off Perth mainland. My brother had bagged a weeks work there as the on-call doctor so our accommodation was provided. We basically worked off our jet-lag swimming in turquoise waters and relaxing on the beach.

As the island is small, all the emergency crews know each other and before long Finje had been invited to visit the fire station.

Pampered to the point of the ridiculous, she got to wear the jacket and the helmet, sit in the fire truck, sound the siren and even roll out the hose and fire water. In fairness, it was difficult at times to decide who was having the most fun, my daughter or her father!

With the recent realisation that she can actually communicate in "English", Finje was administering pearls of wisdom to the somewhat puzzled but nevertheless charmed crew:

"Fire is dangerous. You should very careful be and your mama and papa ask before you try to dissolve it."

"Helmet is heavy and important. If a tree falls on your head you will die not."

"The siren is so loud for the deaf people"

She had a ball. Whilst tomorrow she will probably decide on becoming a mastic-asphalt spreader the fire-fighter option is definitely more of a doer than the medieval knight.

Or the dog.