15/04/2011 17:18 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Food &Amp; The City: Size Matters

It's official size does matter and how!

Last week I recounted how a week's detox had brought me to a new place of lightness and energy, an incredible feeling that I had not formally experienced as a 'standalone' body emotion, but always as a sidekick to new love or reckless heartbreak.

Last week was spent trying to preserve this new and improved flavour of my life. How do you go from total detox to normal healthy eating without undoing all the good stuff? I began the week by following the guidelines in my maintenance handbook, and set about making delicious low fat, low sodium soups, with Vivien's pea, lettuce and mint scoring high. Mid week, I introduced simple steamed fish and vegetables, which after ten days of sipping, immediately took on the guise of a lavish feast.

Week two brought different feelings and as the novelty of green soup and steamed fish faded, it became more and more clear that I was craving the most delicious and irreplaceable taste of total satisfaction.

To me there are three things in life not worth having and that is in no particular order, bad sex, a bad massage and an unfulfilling meal. In all three cases it is better to make your excuses and leave the table, if you have made your bed there is no need to lie in it.

We don't need Mick Jagger to remind us how frustrating it is when we 'Can't get no SATISFACTION' and how an un-satiated voracious appetite leads only to unhealthy obsession.

Simple steamed, grilled or baked meals with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkling of one of my magical flavoured salts are actually very delicious, BUT and this is a big but for me, for a dish to be worthwhile and satisfying it has to be filling and very tasty.

I have worked out that I would rather skip a meal than eat a small bland one that leaves me feeling gastronomically frustrated. When it comes to meat and two veg, size is paramount and eating right for life, involves a change of position. Cut the protein element of your meal to the size of an iPhone and pile the rest of your plate with low GI vegetables to fill you up. For satisfaction in the flavour department, use everyday condiments and seasonings to make your food extra tasty and knock those cravings on the head. Antioxidant packed mid-week treats come in the form of the odd glass of red wine a week and a couple of squares of 70% cocoa chocolate when you need it.

The real secret to healthful eating is balance if we can manage to eat vegetable laden healthful meals Monday through Friday we can allow ourselves a little indulgence at the weekend.

Light is the new black and 80:20 is the new rule and when you tuck into your Sunday roast or Indian takeaway on your 20 time, you will be surprised how much better it tastes knowing that it forms part of a balanced eating plan.