15/04/2011 14:32 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Pitch Perfect: Our Royal Wedding Playlist Suggestions

As our blogging bride Georgia noted not so long ago, the wedding playlist can be a pre-marital flashpoint.

To save the royal couple from five hours of hurling abuse at each other over the fact that William wants to rock out to Justin Bieber, Kate thinks hitting the dancefloor for anything other than Idlewild is an insult and the Queen has put in a request for Leonard Cohen, we've put together our suggestions for the royal wedding playlist.

No need to thank us!

Combine Harvester (Brand New Key) - The Wurzels
Emotions may come and go but a combine harvester, together with the prospect of increasing your land ownership from 20 acres to 63 overnight is not to be sneezed at. In fact it's essentially the basis of all royal weddings since monarchies were invented – the joining of two people for love increased property and influence.

Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley
This would be labelled on the wedding CD as "Bryan Adams" making its surprise appearance at the reception the ultimate Rickroll. If possible Rick himself should make an appearance – perhaps bursting out of the cake, microphone in hand – although to be fair the royal couple should have thought of this months ago and booked well in advance. Rick Astley is a very busy man. Probably.

Agadoo - Black Lace
A wedding classic. The only reason not to play this would be if they substituted it for a song with equal 'dance-moves-known-by-everyone' value. The Macarena, for example.

Wuthering Heights
- Kate Bush
Cathy in this song clearly being Catherine Middleton and Will being - by default - Heathcliff. It's a pretty superficial comparison because we're not expecting Will to descend into bitterness and self destruction while Kate marries someone else but until someone writes a song about Pride and Prejudice and changes the names from Lizzie and Darcy to Will and Kate it will have to do.

Common People
- Pulp
As a royal student embarking on his relationship with Kate Wills mingled with the great unwashed (literally if some of the boys we met at university are any indicator – ugh!) and – as with the lady in Pulp's pop masterpiece – we're pretty sure he never had to deal with the Student Loans Company.

You Can't Hurry Love - The Supremes
Reluctant as we are to point out that Kate ended up dubbed Waity Katie by the tabloids, this Diana Ross number (we refuse to even acknowledge the existence of Phil Collins' version) was too good to pass up.

Wonderful Tonight
- Eric Clapton
It's sweet, it's romantic, and it's traditional – see we're perfectly capable of making serious suggestions. The only problem we can foresee is that Kate doesn't have long blonde hair and a wig would sort that out pretty quickly.

Did we miss any classics? Let us know in the comments section!