17/04/2011 14:20 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Bad Loser Kids Having More Tantrums On The Sports Field

Bad loser British kids are bad losers, who throw tantrums on the sports field if they lose at games, according to surveys by the Marylebone Cricket Club and the Cricket Foundation.

Boys are the worst offenders, with 83 per cent saying they have seen their team mates behaving badly after defeat, compared to 71 per cent of girls.

Kids in Wales reportedly found losing the hardest, with a whopping 87 per cent of youngsters saying they had seen their friends displaying bad behaviour.

Approximately two fifths of mums and dads claim their child sulks after losing a match, whilst 20 per cent reported seeing their offspring reduced to tears by defeat.

Most of the parents polled (51 per cent) said they thought Britain is a nation of bad losers, with many admitting to have reacted badly themselves as children after losing a game.

The researchers also found that parents are not immune from bad, competitive behaviour at the sidelines, with around two fifths (39 per cent) saying they had seen other parents mocking the opposition, or hearing foul and abusive language directed towards match officials.

Do your kids react badly to losing?
Or have you seen brattish behaviour from other parents at kids' sports fixtures?

Do you think some of our sports men and women are bad role models?

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