19/04/2011 16:14 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Need DIY Help? Ask Bubsy...

Sylvia Marshall, in-house guru from the BBC's Britain's Empty Homes has clearly been reading MyDaily's debate section and has been moved to action. Reaching out to those with all the DIY gear and no idea everywhere, she has launched Bubsy Dog DIY in a bid to help "clueless" Brits repair, redecorate and renovate their homes and gardens.

Your new best friend; Bubsy the DIY dog. Pic: Bubsy Dog DIY provides insider tips and practical advice about large and small-scale projects, like changing a tap and hanging wallpaper - for free.

The site also includes a handy Trade Search feature, with an up-to-date directory of almost 6,000 certified tradesmen across the UK (not that you'll ever need them of course...) and a forum where visitors can upload and answer each other's DIY queries. And for those who enjoy learning from/laughing at other people's mistakes, there's also a database packed with real-life DIY disaster stories.

According to Sylvia, a site like – named after her pet Yorkshire terrier, Bubsy – was "long overdue".

"The purpose of BubsyDog is to help everyone with their home-improvements – from competent DIY-ers to clueless DIY divvies," says Sylvia.

Visit (the exceptionally cute) Bubsy at and let us know what you think.